Honor is an imaginary line
When all you want is on the other side
Hunger and vice has taken every toll
Then it’s time to roll

Blackened eyes and blood upon our teeth
Got no souls to question our beliefs
Born alone and bred across the land
They’ll never understand

Got the will to trade one life for another
Charge ahead and put gold in every hand
We’re alive and we’re calling on the saints
‘Til we die, we’re taking all the pain
All the pain

Torn and blown, and feelin’ dead inside
And all that’s left is a solitary ride
All I want is to be a man who’s free
What can you offer me?

Don’t you try to put us
Don’t you try to keep us down
Don’t you try to keep us
Don’t you try to put us down

Spaghetti Western DUB Lyrics by Chopper Franklin
© 2023 Ratchet Blade Records