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“Blood, Tears and Thunder”

Blood, Tears and Thunder - Spaghetti Western Dub Press

Spaghetti Western Daily – “Blood, Tears and Thunder”, the 2nd single from Chopper Franklin’s upcoming ‘Spaghetti Western Dub No1’ album is available now and is well worth a listen. I Love Spaghetti and I Love Dub, the crossover sounds like an odd idea but trust me, It Works ! The great thing about this is that it’s put together by proper musicians and duly sounds professional, don’t get me wrong I love a remix but this isn’t that, this is New meeting Old with a massive Dark Cloud above it’s head.

ReGen Magazine: The January release of Heathen Apostles co-founder Scott “Chopper” Franklin’s Spaghetti Western Dub No. 1. Infusing elements of dub/reggae with the darkened alt. country Franklin has cultivated with Heathen Apostles, Phantom of the Black Hills, and his Ratchet Blade Imprint, the album was announced with last month’s reveal of “The Scorpion Says DUB,” followed by the December 8 release of “Blood, Tears, and Thunder DUB.” Like the first single, the new song features vocals by Heathen Apostles’ Mather Louth, while the accompanying lyric video once again features clips from Spaghetti Western staples like Death Rides a Horse and … If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death, both of which are currently in the public domain. Furthermore, the video incorporates news clips of violence between the People’s National Party (PNP) and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) during and after the 1980 elections; the latter party was led by Edward Seaga, who had in 1976 ordered an assassination attempt on Bob Marley, necessitating the activist/musician’s departure from Jamaica. Marley would two years later return to perform the One Love Peace Concert, with Seaga and PNP leader Michael Manley coming onstage and shaking hands at Marley’s request.

Chopper Franklin reveals first single from forthcoming Spaghetti Western Dub album

Spaghetti Western Dub Press - Chopper FranklinScott “Chopper” Franklin has had a storied career working with the likes of The Cramps, Spahn Ranch, The Mau Maus, and Wanda Jackson, along with cultivating the hellbilly style of bands like Heathen Apostles, Phantom of the Black Hills, and more under his Ratchet Blade Records imprint. Now, he has revealed the first single from his forthcoming album, Spaghetti Western Dub No. 1, which sees him further pushing genre boundaries infusing dub/reggae stylings into the arid and evocative soundscapes of Spaghetti Western inspired alt. country; with Heathen Apostles’ Mather Louth on vocals, “The Scorpion Says DUB” offers the first taste of the album’s sound, showcasing the inspiration of The Clash, Public Image Limited, and Bad Brains with heavy bass and resonant echos. The accompanying lyric video features footage from Death Rides a Horse (Da Uomo a Uomo – literally translated to “From Man to Man”), directed by Gilulio Petroni in 1967, starring Lee Van Cleef, and scored by Ennio Morricone; the film is currently in the public domain. Produced and mixed by Chopper Franklin, Spaghetti Western Dub No. 1 is due to arrive on January 27, 2024 via Ratchet Blade Records; also appearing on the album will be members of Phantom of the Black Hills.

Spaghetti Western Dub Press - Chopper Franklin