My vendetta has always been dreaming
We only killed when we stopped believing
The cowards and maggots all thought about leaving
Then all the widows ended their grieving

Pain or bleeding, which will come first?
Death or dishonor, which one is worse?
The last bodies fall, then ghosts, they do call
And the scorpion says don’t look away

Bounties commanded and pardons rescinding
Vultures are called and doom is impending
The corpses and mongrels continue their pleading
Blood is a potion we’ll always be needing

Use both barrels, no matter the cost
Go down swinging when all seems it’s lost
When gunpowder rules, and suffers no fools
The scorpion says don’t look away

SCORPION SAYS DUB Lyrics by Chopper Franklin
© 2023 Ratchet Blade Records